The Pandemic Will End, But Our Education Crisis May Just Be Beginning

Fellow educators, let’s start with three simple truths about this moment.  Being a teacher is hard. The pandemic, coupled with other factors like low pay and stressful working conditions, have made being a teacher even harder.Even...

In Kentucky, We’re Getting Creative With Staffing Schools During This Pandemic

Everywhere you go, you see “Now Hiring” signs. A lot of companies are offering large sign-on bonuses for new employees. You know who also is in desperate need of “help” but can’t offer these...

Teaching Through A Pandemic Is Exhausting, But Here’s How I’m Beating Teacher Burnout

Teacher burnout is no joke. We routinely hear stories about the intensity of a teacher’s work day, and thanks to the pandemic, things are only getting harder. Last year, it was remote learning, hybrid...

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